2023 Noxious Weeds

Village of Kekoskee


 As provided in State Statutes 66.0407, as required by law, notice is hereby given to each and every person who owns, occupies or controls land in the Village of Kekoskee, Dodge County, Wisconsin, to destroy all noxious weeds on such property before the weed plants bloom, bear seed or spread to adjoining property.

 “Destroy” means the complete killing of weeds or the killing of weed plants above the surface of the ground by the use of chemicals, cutting, tillage, cropping system, pasturing livestock, or any or all these in effective combination, at a time and in a manner as will effectually prevent the weed plants from maturing to the bloom or flower stage.

 “Noxious weed” means Canada thistle, bull thistle, musk thistle, plumless thistle, shatter cane, hill mustard, leafy spurge, field bindweed (creeping jenny), garlic mustard, wild parsnip and any weed designated as a noxious weed by the Department of Natural Resources by rule and any other weed the governing body of any municipality or the county board of any county by ordinance or resolution declares to be noxious within its respective boundaries.  

The Weed Commissioner for the Village of Kekoskee is James Bednar at 920-387-3411.

 Dated this 8th day of May, 2023

 Melissa Marini, Clerk